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MN Secretary of State - General 2008 - Election Returns
 Counties Reporting: 100.00% (87/87)Counties Complete: 100.00% (87/87)
 Precincts Reporting: 100.00% (4136 of 4136) Last update was: 1/19/2011 11:00:41 AM # Registered Voters
  as of 7AM 11-02-10:

Statewide Results for Governor
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    Independence TOM HORNER AND JAMES A. MULDER 25148711.94
    Republican TOM EMMER AND ANNETTE T. MEEKS 91046243.21
    Democratic-Farmer-Labor MARK DAYTON AND YVONNE PRETTNER SOLON 91923243.63
    The Resource Party LINDA S. ENO AND HOWARD B. HANSON 40920.19
    Grassroots Party CHRIS WRIGHT AND EDWIN H. ENGELMANN 75160.36
    Ecology Democracy Party KEN PENTEL AND ERIN WALLACE 61800.29
    Write-In WRITE-IN** 18640.09

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    *When displayed by legislative district or county, results show only the votes cast within the selected district or county and may not be the total votes for a race.
    **The total number of write-in votes cast for this office.  Vote totals for registered write-in candidates for federal, state and county offices may be tallied through Nov. 12th.  Registered Write-in vote totals will be posted approximately Nov. 15th.

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